Thursday, November 2, 2017

Beta Time!

"See, Zarlazz? We can easily manage a half-dozen dungeons at once like this--"
"No more sitting in the middle of just one labyrinth, trying to murder four humans, a half-elf, and a dwarf--"
"You just push the buttons here and -- what?"
"How do you expect to keep the Demon From Between The Stars from eating all your Bugbears?"

We've gotten quite a bit done on our Dungeon Generator and I'm prepared to share it with you.  It's far from complete, (just check the issues tab on GitHub to see all the things we still intend to do) but it creates a dungeon filled with monsters now.  I'd love to get a little feedback on what it does do. If you see any issues, please let us know.

  • Go Github Page.
  • Click the big green "Clone or Download" button and then click download zip
  • Extract the zip somewhere
  • Open the index.html file
  • Start playing with the generator
Let us know what you think.  If you know Javascript and want to pitch in, we wouldn't mind the help.


  1. Looks great! Any chance you can import the crosshatch option? The remote treasure service is priceless! Awesome work!

    1. We didn't make the treasure generator, but I think it really shines when tied into a project like this one!

  2. I'll add an issue for that. We'll look at it for a later release.

  3. Does this have (or will it, in the future) the original Donjon's ability to save the file to TSV format?

    1. Thanks for bringing this up. We discussed it internally a few weeks back but failed to make a ticket for it. There is one now and you can subscribe for updates here: