Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Black Knights

"Kovath.""Zarlazz.""I'm looking through these invoices and --"
"I already approved them."
"Right, but I still have questions. Like just why exactly did we need... 'one pot of black enamel per night'. You know I don't like to ask what goes on in the bedroom, but..."
"What? No, that should be - see, this is why you don't hire kobolds for scribes. That's per knight."
"And that makes more sense."
"It will."
"Fine, fair enough. This doesn't explain the feathers, though."
In my continuing quest to come up with scaled up monsters to challenge my players, I've decided to try these on for size.  Let me know what you think!  As a special feature, we have a token for the black knight here!

Black Knight:

A black knight is a mortal warrior who's given himself over fully to some dark power.  Sometimes it's a dark god, sometimes a powerful necromancer, sometimes a demonic pact, but in every instance, the resulting warrior is strong, well armored and imbued with supernatural tools to harass his foes.  A black knight will always be leading a band of willing (or undead) followers who seek glory under a dark banner.  They spend the lives of their followers without remorse if it furthers their ends. Most black knights will possess magical items and all are savvy enough not to walk into obvious tactical traps.

ST: 27 HP: 30 Speed: 7.00
DX: 14 Will: 16 Move: 7
IQ: 12 Per: 14
HT: 14  FP: 14 SM:0

Dodge:14 (+3 DB) Parry/Block:15 (+3) DB DR:9

Dwarven Flail (22): 5d+5 crushing.  reach 1,2*  Wielded one handed due to high ST.  Usually kept ready for combat at reach 2.

Spiked Shield Bash (22): 3d crushing. reach 1

Dark Gift: Each black knight has one dark gift from the evil power he serves.

  • Twist Fate: As a Concentrate action, the black knight can twist the fate of a target he can see. Make a Will roll (modified by Unholiness and at a penalty for distance based on the Speed/Range table), resisted by the target's Will; if the target loses, they take a penalty to all rolls equal to the margin of failure for 1d seconds. A second target within sight (which can be the knight himself!) gets a corresponding bonus to all rolls for the same duration.
  • Hellfire: As a Concentrate action, the black knight can cause a radius 2 area within 20 yards of him to erupt in green flames.  These flames do 2d (2) burning damage.  Anyone who can retreat out of the area may attempt to do so to dodge.
  • Grasp of the Underworld: As a Concentrate action, the black knight can fill one hex with grasping shadowy hands that burst from the ground below. Anyone in or entering the hex must immediately roll a Quick Contest of ST against the Knight's Will or be affected as if by a Rooted Feet spell (Spells, p.22) - they cannot move or change facing, have -2 to melee combat skills, and halve Dodge. They may attempt to break free as a Ready action each turn, but attempts after the initial resistance are at -5.

Death Curse: Each black knight has a death curse from the evil power he serves.  This triggers upon the black knight failing a death check.

  • Reality Backfire: The black knight explodes, showering everyone within 5 yards who fails to dodge at -2 with sharp shards of armor doing 3d (2) cutting.
  • Deathpact: A demon is summoned into the black knight's body, deforming the armor and bringing its own weapons with it.  Use any demon from Monsters (or ones I'll provide in the future) but add 9 DR from the mangled armor wrapped around its body.
  • The Grave is No Bar: The Death Knight and any other corpses within the area of the fight are resurrected as Zombies (add High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Mind Control; Immunity to Poison; Indomitable; No Blood; Unfazeable; Unhealing (Total); Unliving; Unnatural and restore to full HP)

Traits: Born War Leader 2; Bloodlust (12); Bully; Callous; Combat Reflexes; Dark Vision; High Pain Threshold; Intolerance (Good); Penetrating Voice; Rallying Cry; Sadism (12); Shield-Wall Training; Social Stigma (Excommunicated); Unfazable; Unholiness 3.

Skills: Brawling-22; Flail-22; Leadership-14; Intimidation-16; Shield-22; Strategy-13; Tactics-13; Wrestling-22.

Class: Mundane.

Equipment: Dwarven Flail, Epic Plate, Large Shield

Notes: Truly Evil but sometimes willing to negotiate. 


  1. I like these a lot, mainly due to the evil powers.

  2. Love the death curses. Those give a nice and possibly unexpected surprise.

    1. Thanks! In part the goal was to provide some classic "this isn't even my final form" feel.

  3. The Flail skill is blank and the parry doesn't include the + 1 for combat reflexes (assuming its 22)