Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Token Tuesday: Chimera

Today on Token Tuesday, Emily Smirle has served up for you the Chimera.  The tokens are released to you under Creative Commons.  Below is a preview of the portrait, if you follow the link here you can get a zip file with the based and unbased versions of these fantastic creatures.

Now that that's out of the way... I want to remind you about the major Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing Game news!  Steve Jackson Games is considering a new bestiary for DFRPG.  Read about it here!  If you want more DFRPG, make sure to make your voice heard on Kickstarter, the Forums or join the GURPS North America Facebook group and comment.  The only way to make this monster official is with your support.  Tell SJG you want a bestiary today!


  1. I disagree with your advice on promoting a DF Bestiary on the forums. In fact dont do that. Stay off the forums. The forums are full of people promoting their niche GURPS book most of those ideas are IMHO terrible.

    Want to promote GURPS run a website like this, GM a game with new players, demo DFRPG at a con, buy something - for someone else even.

    1. My goal wasn't to promote DFPRG/GURPS, it was to try to convince the secret masters over at SJ Games that they should indeed do the bestiary as they were considering. That decision seems to have been made in the affirmative (see here: https://www.facebook.com/sjgames/posts/10156835545416007 ). I'd expect to see a KS go live real soon now.

      I get your concern on the forums, they aren't an ideal place for a newcomer, but they are a place that SJG listens to feedback. So is the Facebook group I linked.