Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Token Tuesday: Ratmen Pack 4

Today on Token Tuesday, Emily Smirle has served up for you the fourth 3 pack of an assortment of ratmen with Against the Ratmen in mind.  The tokens are released to you under Creative Commons.  Below is a preview of one unbased version, if you follow the link here you can get a zip file with both the based and unbased versions of these creatures.


  1. Looks great. What are the chances of getting front and back views for use as cardboard heroes?

    1. Nonzero; I don't know if I have the files for all the tokens I've made, but I have many (particularly the newer ones). It's not too challenging, it's just a lot of work. Which is kind of boring :P.
      Would having an image for the front, and a silhouette for the back work? I can produce the silhouettes super quick, and while the fronts do dual duty as portraits, the backs are of specialized use.

  2. For tabletop play, people will want a front-facing image. (That back can be a silhouette–all that's really necessary is what's front and back are obvious. In fact, I wouldn't make the silhouette black, but a light grey, so one could use that side to track shock, hit points, etc.) For online play, the top-down image will be in demand. I was just thinking you might be able to double your fan base if you did both.

    Don't put yourself out too much–there's no way of knowing how many table-top players there are that will make use of a front-facing option. I was kind of hoping you had rendered these in 3D and were just showing the top-down views because you were just using them for online tokens.

  3. In case you weren’t aware, Emily, it looks like Roll20 now has publisher pages that might interest you: http://blog.roll20.net/post/173265228720/new-roll20-marketplace-feature-publisher-pages. You might considering publishing your art there?