Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Secret Prison of Kas the Bloody Part 2

This is a chatlog, the recap writup is featured here

The last Dinoman fell with a quiet gurgle, leaving you in a room with a few things in plain sight
there is a bundle of furs an inscribed stone, some sandals and some coinage in a pile at the center of the room
looks like they were gathering whatever they could find into a handy spot.
Gharza Brokentooth pokes one of them with the end of her staff, sniffs, then settles against a wall and closes her eyes like she's napping. "Someone tell me when we finish searching the bodies and looking for shiny things."
Vondur Stouthammer busies himself piling up the heavier bits of treasure near the door.
Kyle:By the stairs up or by the portcullis into this room?
Teetonka takes a look around to see if the general junk hides other things.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Lads and lasses, if ya don't mind- I'll be meditating in the corner here, once your ready to move on give me a poke?"
Vondur Stouthammer takes the lighter items and puts them at the top of his pack, keeping them carefully separated from his stuff so they can be divvied up later.
Teetonka:Taking some Extra Time while the meditators are meditating.
Vondur Stouthammer: (( portcullis good a place to pile as anywhere. ))
Teetonka:I'm not sure how long it takes to search a room
Teetonka:If it takes less than 10 minutes, does anyone object to taking a 10 mintue rest to get some FP back while I search?
Teetonka:Or do the casters need more?
Kyle:I don't see rules for time on search anywhere.
* Colarmel rolls: 3d6 => 10
Teetonka:Search (13) result: succeeded by 2
Vondur Stouthammer resists the urge to hurry the spellcasters along, recognizing that they need some rest.
Kyle:for now, let's assume 10 min for a room this size
Stonemaul Ironbeard: (( Meditation is 2x fatigue recovery if it works right? ))
Vondur Stouthammer: (( nope. ))
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Meditation does nothing for FP recovery. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:Meditation result: succeeded by 2
Gharza Brokentooth: (( DFRPG: Adventurers p.80, Exploits p.90 ))
Vondur Stouthammer: (( recover energy, breath control, and fitness. ))
Gharza Brokentooth recovers 2 FP and 2 ER in 10 minutes.
Kyle:you can use it to ask for clues basically.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Ah- then I should really pick up recover energy ASAP)
Bruno:OK, so how much time do you need?
nothing further of value shows itself unless you want to cart an old ratty looking ottoman to the front.
Teetonka: (( hah, not so much ))
Vondur Stouthammer carries the ottoman to the portcullis, "We can decide what we want to keep at the end. There's money in anything y'know."
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Gharza spent 1+3+0 (crit)+2 and recovered 4, is good. ))
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Maybe we can ransom the ottoman. They have a whole empire, they can afford it. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard recovers 1 FP and 1 ER in 10 minutes.
Kyle:10 min per point as I recall.
Kyle:You can take longer if you wish
Vondur Stouthammer: (( I have no objections to letting the cleric finish his recovery. ))
Kyle:how much FP are you still out Stonemaul?
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(6, well 5 now, ten more minutes will be the end of my 'double recover' from haivng 2 points of ER)
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(so I would suggest at most an additional ten minute delay, but Stonemaul has a lot of FP so he won't be in terrible condition if we keep going)
Teetonka takes up watch at the north door and looks it over while keeping an ear out for trouble attracted by the fight noise.
Kalzazz has connected.
Teetonka: (( dwarf casters are giant pools of FP, it's great. ))
Gharza Brokentooth pulls out a piece of bread and chews it slowly while staring at the dwarf. "S'wrong. Stumpy gods don't teach their priests how to take time off? Too busy hammerin' the iron?"
Kyle:The door is solid oak with no window.
Teetonka:I check it for traps before I check if it's locked >.>
Vondur Stouthammer practices his flips result: «succeeded by 136 ». "If you guys need any help with this magic stuff, my dad was a wizard, magic's in my blood. Just so you know."
Vondur Stouthammer: (( oops. succeeded by 1. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"That's the short of it lass. My god picked me right outta mining camp and sent me on a vision quest- once 'ah woke up they had tattooed his sumbol on my.... Well that's a story for another day perhaps- eh?"
Teetonka: (( I think the GM rolls my traps search. I have a traps kit! Effective skill 16 for Per-based, 15 for IQ based ))
Kyle:you don't see any traps on the door
Kyle:open it?
Teetonka:Listen for trouble, then open it.
Teetonka:Wish I brought a glass :)
Gharza Brokentooth mumbles something and taps Teeto with her staff before he opens the door. Bladeturning: Costing 1 ER. result: «succeeded by 6 »
Teetonka: (( Ooo ))
Kyle says to the GMs: 3d6
You say to the GMs: 3d6
line 1:1: unexpected char: '['
Kyle says to the GMs: 11
You say to the GMs: 11
Kyle says to the GMs: 7
You say to the GMs: 7
Kyle:nothing seems out of normal
Kyle:you open the door and face... a HUGE empty room
Teetonka: (( Wow. ))
Teetonka:"Ok folks, any preferences on where to go? I favor the right-hand rule."
Kalzazz:"Awwww! Wait, maybe theres invisible treasure, can anyone see invisible treasure?"
Fiona Firedrake:"Awwww! Wait, maybe theres invisible treasure, can anyone see invisible treasure?"
Gharza Brokentooth looks around. "Well, this is clearly not the product of some demented wizard determined to follow the diktats of a random dungeon generator regardless of the result's sensibility. Not at all." Chants under her breath, wiggles her fingers, waves her staff. See Secrets: result: «succeeded by 2 » spending 4 ER and 5 seconds of casting time.
Teetonka sniffs.
Teetonka shrugs.
Stonemaul Ironbeard: (( I return ))
the wall (where there's obviously a door on the north west side of the room) is some kind of secret
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Thanks 'fer letting me have a bit of a rest."
Gharza Brokentooth points at the northwest area of the room. "There's something weird over there. Bears a closer look, I think."
Kyle:The map generator doesn't have any kind of player map feature yet, that's on our list
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Did you mean the northeast corner? ))
Gharza Brokentooth:((Ah, okay))
Kyle:the leftmost door on the north wall
Teetonka:Which totally doesn't look like a door to the rest of us ;D
Kyle:oh, fair
Gharza Brokentooth:"Here. There's a door here."
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Good catch lass."
Gharza Brokentooth:"You're right. Good thing we brought an expert in underground stonework along."
Fiona Firedrake:"It doesnt look like a door . . . its not just some weird Dwarven exercise routine?"
Kyle:actually, the cunningly concealed rock lever for the door stood out too.
Gharza Brokentooth points out the lever to Teeto, carefully not touching it. Because traps may or may not be visible to See Secrets.
Teetonka looks the lever and door over closel
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Oh b'for ye open it, perhaps we should all stand well away from the ptoentially trapped door- eh?"
Fiona Firedrake:"But there might be monsters on the other side!"
Kyle says to the GMs: 9
You say to the GMs: 9
Teetonka shrugs. "I plan on running away if so."
You whisper to Bruno: you don't spot anything amiss, should just be able to twist and go
Fiona Firedrake:"Well, as long as you dont kill all of them before they can come visit me"
Gharza Brokentooth stands a little bit away and plants her back against the wall.
Teetonka presses one twitchy ogre ear up against the rock, although he's not really expecting that to help much.
Fiona Firedrake moves over near the dwarf, remembering she needs to be near the dwarf
Kyle says to the GMs: 11
You say to the GMs: 11
Teetonka:And unless there's something interesting, give everyone the hand sign and open the door.
You whisper to Bruno: don't hear anything on the other side of that door.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"An' then we can introduce them to the power of steel in a true experience to get them closer to their dieties when they come chasin. -eh?"
Kyle:the rock slides out as if it were never there revealing a hallway.
Kyle:The hallway continues and turns a tight corner
Teetonka tiptoes down the hallway ahead of the folks with the lights.
Teetonka sighs. "Squirrly damn labyrinth."
Gharza Brokentooth leans against the wall again and starts picking her teeth with one of the claws from her vest. "Half a copper says it dead-ends on him and we've wasted five minutes."
Teetonka:Welp, lets have a look at this.
Kyle says to the GMs: 14
You say to the GMs: 14
Kyle:I need to roll a thing or 2 bear with me
Teetonka:Search for traps, check if it's locked, listen, open.
Teetonka:I should make a standard macro to secret roll those to you :)
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Bladeturning falls off, because I'm not maintaining that. See Secrets falls off, because I'm not maintaining that, either. Gharza recovers 1 ER because it's been about 5 minutes since casting Bladeturning. ))
Kyle says to the GMs: 13
You say to the GMs: 13
Kyle says to the GMs: 10
You say to the GMs: 10
Kyle: (( remind me your traps skill? ))
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Per-based 16, IQ-based 15 IIRC ))
Teetonka: (( yar ))
Teetonka: (( when searching. Trap finding kit doesn't help with disarming IIRC ))
You whisper to Bruno: you don't spot anything out of the ordinary, and the door doesn't appear to be locked.
Teetonka puts an ear up to the door, and if there's nothing interesting, opens it. Again.
Kyle:roll dx -5, you missed the trap :(
a poisoned needle springs out from the doorjamb towards Teetonka's hand.
Teetonka:Dexterity check result: succeeded by 0
Kyle:you jerk your hand back just in time
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Theres no such thing as wasted time walking in some finely constructed underground tunnels."
Teetonka leaps backward and nearly falls on his butt.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Ye ok lad?"
Fiona Firedrake:"So it IS keenly designed dwarven exercise!"
Vondur Stouthammer:So you're like, a real mountain dwarf huh?
Teetonka twitches. "Sure. Great. No problem at all."
Fiona Firedrake:"Since you found a trap must be something awesome on the other side right?"
Gharza Brokentooth:"I bet it's another giant empty room."
Kyle:oh, the door swung open as she sprung the trap
Kyle:it's pretty clearly the same empty room as before
Kyle:not a new one.
* Colarmel rolls: 3d6 => 9
Modifying the fog-of-war manually without a server running affects only the global exposed area (i.e. the entire map), even
if one or more tokens are selected. If you want your changes to apply to individual tokens, start a MapTool server with
Individual Fog enabled (you can leave the Alias field empty to make an anonymous server, if you wish).

This warning will not appear again for this campaign.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Well that seems a bit odd. Could we have missed something- that was a long tunnel?"
Vondur Stouthammer:You just want to walk through the tunnel again!
Teetonka continues around the room, opening doors on his right as he goes. "You can go back and check if you want."
Fiona Firedrake:"Im sure we can meet new monsters behind the next one"
Kyle:you still checking for traps?
Kyle says to the GMs: 13
You say to the GMs: 13
Kyle says to the GMs: 9
You say to the GMs: 9
Gharza Brokentooth: (( "The party is assumed to be looking for traps at all times." Exploits p.23 ))
You whisper to Bruno: nothing sticks out at this door, open?
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Na- I'm better at diggin then finding- leave finding things to those with more trained eyes- eh?"
Teetonka glances the door over, and opens it.
Kyle:the heavy oak door swings open quietly
Teetonka grumbles something through his tusks about crazy wizards.
Teetonka gestures for the rest to pause.
Vondur Stouthammer does so reluctantly
Teetonka tiptoes down to the junction.
Kyle says to the GMs: 5
You say to the GMs: 5
Kyle says to the GMs: 12
You say to the GMs: 12
Kyle says to the GMs: 10
You say to the GMs: 10
You whisper to Bruno: nothing sticks out at this door, open?
Teetonka glares at the door, and opens it.
Kyle:The room has some stairs up the far side
Kyle:to a balcony (we need to create some kind of art for that methinks)
Fiona Firedrake:"Stairs, more evidence of dwarven exercise ambitions"
Kyle:that just overlooks the room.
Teetonka: (( you're right! ))
Kyle says to the GMs: 10
You say to the GMs: 10
Teetonka: (( There's a command to lock everyones movement ))
Teetonka: (( Ctrl-shift L - also in the Tool menu. ))
You whisper to Bruno: you spot pressure plates as soon as you step into the threshold
Teetonka:"Hold it!"
Teetonka points at the ground. "we've got traps."
Teetonka:"See here, and there, and there - pressure plates."
Gharza Brokentooth mumbles, "As the bishop said to the actre-- ooh, traps?"
Teetonka looks around, and up, trying to figure out what the pressure plates trigger.
Kyle:There are small spouts in the ceiling
Fiona Firedrake:"So theres got to be treasure then! Say, can anyone like shoot webs to the balcony to get us over past the traps?"
Teetonka pulls some spikes out of his climbers kit and looks at if he can spike the pressure plates, or something.
Vondur Stouthammer:Couldn't we just step over them?
Kyle: (( you can just roll vs traps if you don't want to puzzle them ))
Teetonka:I wish I had an acid-proof umbrella.
Kyle:Tricky, the plates are packed in pretty tight, dx-5 roll
Kyle:traps-4 fwiw
Teetonka:"If they were easy to step over, they'd be a terrible trap."
Kyle:dx based.
Vondur Stouthammer feeling a little underestimated, uses acrobatics to leap over the plates result: «succeeded by 1 »
Vondur Stouthammer: (( oops forgot the mod ))
Vondur Stouthammer:so luck
Vondur Stouthammer:result: «succeeded by 2 »
Vondur Stouthammer:result: «failed by 3 »
Teetonka leaps back as the dwarf tries to get the horrible dumped on his head.
Vondur Stouthammer last used Luck (2017-06-01 21:00:04) EST, and uses LUCK again at 2017-11-14 20:14:35 EST.
Teetonka: (( it'll remember your luck now :) ))
Vondur Stouthammer: (( neat. ))
Kyle:I took the liberty of punching it for you.
Vondur Stouthammer:HA!
Kyle:You do manage to leap past the mess of plates.
Gharza Brokentooth claps a little. "Great. Now you're over there, we're stuck over here, and monsters are going to eat your face in three... two..."
Teetonka goes for the disarm. Traps - 17 DX based result: «succeeded by 4 »
Teetonka:./ooc er, 17 when DX based.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:*Just waits while the acrobat and the thief do there respective things.
Kyle:oh you didn't do -5 did you?
Vondur Stouthammer: (( I did. ))
Teetonka: (( I did. ))
Teetonka: (( well, -4 for me. ))
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Rolled a 9 vs. Traps-17 at -5. ))
Kyle:oh, right you are.
Kyle:you do fine
Kyle:after some finageling the plates are all disengaged, they lay flat on the floor, their springs removed.
Gharza Brokentooth: (( High Manual Dexterity annoys me because it really ought to be a talent covering thief-specific DX skills instead of a not-talent covering a bunch of unrelated crap, but at least it's doing its job here. >.> ))
Teetonka:"There. If anyone else wants to practice their long jumps, this is when to do it."
Vondur Stouthammer continues practicing his acrobatics, feeling that was a little too close.
Teetonka: (( oops, I missed the +1 for HMD. ))
Gharza Brokentooth recovers another 2 ER.
Teetonka looks around to see if there's any loots in here.
Kyle:The balcony almost looks like a stage looking over the room
Kyle says to the GMs: 10
You say to the GMs: 10
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(HAve we identified that another 10 minutes passed?)
Kyle:you spot a panel that isn't quite right
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(if so Stonemaul recovers another 1 ER)
Teetonka investigates. "Hey guys, I think I found why they put traps in here!"
Kyle:10 min real time is 10 min in game outside of combat
Gharza Brokentooth:((Time passes at RL speed. Even when I account for 'RL speed is a bit slower because it's in text'))
Kyle says to the GMs: 8
You say to the GMs: 8
Kyle says to the GMs: 10
You say to the GMs: 10
Fiona Firedrake:((Hey, I have climbing. can I try to climb to balcony?))
Stonemaul Ironbeard recovers 1 additional ER
You whisper to Bruno: you don't see traps
Kyle:no need to climb, there are stairs up the west wall.
Vondur Stouthammer: (( there're stairs ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Oh what have you found?"
Teetonka pulls out a small shim from his traps kit and uses it to pop the cover off.
Kyle:behind the panel is a small alcove
Teetonka uses the shim to poke around inside the alcove, making sure it's not full of clockwork scorpions or something.
Kyle:inside are the following: 2 rainbow hued gems, 11 eighth gold coins, 28 copper coins, 1 potion in a flask, 1 metallic small shield with gems inlaid on it and feathers around the rim.
Kyle says to the GMs: 13
You say to the GMs: 13
Teetonka:"I laove the sound of jinglies."
Gharza Brokentooth perks up a little at the sight of obvious valuables. Perception + Magery: result: «succeeded by 7 »
Kyle:I rolled that for you secretly already but either way is a success, the shield is magical.
Teetonka:"Anyone good at identifying alchemy goop?"
Kyle:(do alchemical potions come up as magic? have to check)
Teetonka: (( Could be acid or something, Teeto is not putting it in his mouth. ))
Kyle:the potion is clearly magical
Teetonka:Meanwhile, Teeto pulls out his purse, carefully puts the contents in his right boot, and uses it to hold the gems and spare change.
Gharza Brokentooth tastes it, because half-orcs are largely immune to this sort of thing. Alchemy: result: «succeeded by 4 » - success identifies the potion, failure inflicts any bad stuff (or just 'no idea' if it's a beneficial potion).
Gharza Brokentooth: (( And that should be a secret roll, sorry. ))
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Ignore mine and roll yours. ))
Kyle says to the GMs: 9
You say to the GMs: 9
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Skill-15 ))
Kyle:nothing bad happens
Kyle:and it's an agility potion
Kyle:+1d DX for an hour
Teetonka: (( Hey, who's keeping track of our phat l3wts? ))
Gharza Brokentooth grunts. "Mustard, cumin, hint of pepper. Agility potion. Useful if you're trying to do handsprings over pressure plates, I guess."
Teetonka: (( Kyle has the list and we have the chat logs, but I don't feel like digging through the logs to find out what we actually found and took. ))
Kyle:I have the identified list.
Kyle:you guys haven't id'ed most of it yet.
Teetonka:This is true!
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Identifying the Good Stuff, Exploits p.25. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Aye, give it to one of our front liners- never hurts ta have a bit more spring in your step when your introducing heads to the miracle of steel."
Teetonka eyeballs the gems, trying to figure out their value.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"If we mannage to not need it- then we can sell it- eh?"
Teetonka:Using Merchant :)
Kyle:remind me your merch skill?
Teetonka:amighty 13
Kyle says to the GMs: 3d6
You say to the GMs: 3d6
Kyle says to the GMs: 15
You say to the GMs: 15
Kyle:You aren't sure.
Kyle:Pretty sure they are tourmalines, but that's about it.
Teetonka:"Hokay. They could be a pretty bit of leaded glass, or tourmalines. Wish I had a scale. We'll have to get them appraised back in town."
Kyle:anyone have connoisseur luxury items?
Teetonka:Not I, said the little black duck.
Kyle:I think it was you or a bard you didn't bring.
Kyle:so, we don't know anything about the furs back there
Gharza Brokentooth: (( My potentially useful skills: Hidden Lore (Magical Writings)-14, Alchemy-15, Perception+Magery-15 ))
Kyle:and... Fiona has connoisseur (weapons) to tell you more about the shield, but she can't tell you about the magic.
Teetonka:OK. But I DO know what a bunch of money looks like.
Bowgre has connected.
Gharza Brokentooth: (( I also know Analyze Magic, but that takes an hour. ))
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Is the shield definitely magical? ))
Teetonka shows the shield to Fiona. "What's with the feathers, does that actually help?"
Kyle:it is
You whisper to Kalzazz: no roll needed to know they are decorative only.
Gharza Brokentooth:"It's magical, if that makes a difference. I can figure out what it does once we get out of here, unless you all want to cool your heels in this room for an hour while I play with it."
Teetonka:"I'd almost want to re-arm the trap if we're going to hang around."
Fiona Firedrake:"Nope! They just look cool!"
Fiona Firedrake:"Lets go boldly forth and meet the monsters we havent met yet!"
Gharza Brokentooth:"Right, because anything that'd get past Fiona and a couple of angry dwarfs is going to be deterred by the pressure plates and you're absolutely sure you can safely disarm them a second time without getting a faceful of acid."
Kyle:I should be clear, those spouts aren't for acid
Kyle:for liquid ice.
Kyle:might even be able to loot it if you wanted.
Gharza Brokentooth:oh that's totally better go ahead and re-arm the trap
Gharza Brokentooth:Anyone bring empty bottles?
Vondur Stouthammer:I have a wineskin.
Gharza Brokentooth:I'm sure that'll hold liquid ice just fine.
Gharza Brokentooth:'Scuse me while I stand far away from you while you collect it.
Gharza Brokentooth:Nothing personal.
Colarmel is disconnected.
Kyle:you'd also need to cut around in the ceiling. your call if you want to spend the time on it or move on to the next room.
Fiona Firedrake:"Is there wine in it?"
Teetonka:"I say leave it. When we drink some potions we can come back for it with empty bottles."
Gharza Brokentooth:I could pour out this cheap acid and refill the grenades with liquid ice. That's a net profit. But I'm not sure the risk of failure is worth it.
Colarmel has connected.
Gharza Brokentooth: (( *quickly checks, does not have Greed* Right, definitely not sure the risk of failure is worth it. >.> ))
Teetonka: (( Oops, I do have greed! ))
Colarmel: (( does have the greed, but no relevant skills. ))
Teetonka:Am I so greedy that I'll risk full-body-frostbite? result: «failed by 3 »
Gharza Brokentooth: (( "Doesn't have the relevant skills" is why you brought friends. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Dosen't liquid ice kinda react once it hits air?"
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Is it something that can really be bottled once its poured?"
Gharza Brokentooth:"Right, so you want to be super-careful."
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Any dwarf has greed)
Kyle:anyone have good digging tools?
Kyle:like digging through stone with glowing crystals in it good?
Gharza Brokentooth:I have a bunch of acid we're not using that'll eat through locks. Presumably it'll eat through rocks.
Teetonka:But that's on the ceiling, and that means dripping on you.
Teetonka:Not dissolving rocks.
Gharza Brokentooth:Like, I'm envisioning Teeto balancing on Bowgre's shoulders, painting acid onto the rocks a little at a time for the next hour.
Gharza Brokentooth:While Gharza identifies the shield.
Gharza Brokentooth:And all the greedy folks stand around hoping we don't flash-freeze the thief.
Bowgre Stretazuma:Bowgre no like acid dripping on his head. Too close to showering
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"What we should do, is come back on the way out and actually get up to the celing and drain it directly."
Teetonka looks frustrated.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"Oh, anyone have an alchemy kit- there's tubes and the like in there eh?"
Teetonka:"Definitely don't forget it.
Kyle:Ponder how to get it and come back?
Gharza Brokentooth:"We brought two stump-legs and neither one of you owns a pick or shovel?"
Colarmel:I grew up in the desert. Never seen a mine.
Gharza Brokentooth:"Seriously letting the fam down."
Kyle:If you failed a greed roll over this, I'm going to give you a pass for now but if anyone has a remotely feasible idea for getting to the sprayers you should come back and give it a go.
Kyle:too much greed in the party not to.
Kyle:Let's move on for now, we've got at least another session in this dungeon.
Teetonka:Oh yes, we're going to like, use loot to do it because we're nuts.
Gharza Brokentooth:"I mean, look at me. Furs. Fangs. Bits of bone. Leather and rawhide straps. None of that makes me a better wizard. That's pride in heritage, that is. Orc tribe strong, all that shit. But you lot, dwarves, no pride in your history at all. Didn't even bring a pick to the underground tunnel. Makes no sense. No sense."
Gharza Brokentooth realizes she's mumbling to a mostly empty room and catches up to the group.
Teetonka:"Another wiggly damn tunnel."
Bowgre Stretazuma:Where we goin', where we been?
Teetonka:"By Tungi's bouncing breasts, what is going on with this?"
Gharza Brokentooth:"Well, we found a big, empty room. Then we found a big, empty, twisting tunnel that led us in a big circle back to the big, empty room. Then we found some absolutely smashing loot behind a trap in that room we just left. And now we're going wherever Teeto here says it's safe to go, because hey, he's like one for three on finding the hidden stuff so far and that's tied for the best record in this sorry crew."
Bowgre Stretazuma:We . . . left loot behind?
Gharza Brokentooth:"Nope! Got it safe here, don't worry."
Bowgre Stretazuma:Bowgre happy
Bowgre Stretazuma:Why Fiona not here?
Colarmel:We left a big bundle of fur behind, but we'll come back for it.
Teetonka:"Oh look, a door."
Colarmel:And an Ottoman.
Teetonka:"We could use your help moving those, big guy!"
Kyle says to the GMs: 14
You say to the GMs: 14
Kyle says to the GMs: 10
You say to the GMs: 10
Kyle says to the GMs: 16
You say to the GMs: 16
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"We'll get it on the way out."
You whisper to Bruno: the door seems safe
Teetonka listens at the door for, like, drunken dinomen arguing or something, and then opens it.
Kyle:I actually need to roll some perceptions... gimme a sec
Kyle:nvm, no way they notice
Bowgre Stretazuma:Dinomen don't drink and pass out; they go extinct
Gharza Brokentooth:"I don't think the Ottoman will Turk out to be valuable, the upholstery is tan bul hide and that never sells well."
Teetonka closes the door.
the room has a sizable contingent of skeletons beyond.
Teetonka:"OK, God botherers up in front!"
Teetonka hustles to the back.
Bowgre Stretazuma:Bow away. Sword and shield out.
Kyle says to the GMs: 11 12 8 6 9
You say to the GMs: 11 12 8 6 9
Gharza Brokentooth: (( How many FP down is Stonemaul? ))
Kyle:by now should have most back right? we've been playing for a solid 2 hours, that's 12 fp
Colarmel: (( and can he turn? ))
Gharza Brokentooth:((You don't regain FP when you're not resting.))
Gharza Brokentooth:((You do regain ER when you're not resting))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(I notice a distinct lack of 'true fath' or 'turn undead' on my sheet, have those been superseeded bys oemthing else?)
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(-5)
Colarmel:Turning is 24 points. Pricy.
Gharza Brokentooth casts Lend Energy on Stonemaul. result: «CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 10 » to restore 5 FP.
Gharza Brokentooth:Well.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Oh, we weren't being strenous enough to say no recovery?)
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Then I am at full)
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(That's what I thought- but Kyle is the GM)
Kyle:does critting on lend energy mean free energy? I'd have to check
Kyle:have your spells book handy?
Gharza Brokentooth:((It does mean free energy.)0
Kyle:everyone wins here.
Kyle:except the skeletons.
Gharza Brokentooth:((Recovering FP requires resting quietly, even with the Recover Energy spell. Energy Reserve does not require resting, as per the description of the Recover Energy spell, Spells p.38.))
Teetonka: (( Stonemaul - True Faith was too expensive to have with Dwarf. You do have Turn Zombies spell ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Yea, ER is back at full)
Gharza Brokentooth:((Anyway, I just put a little pep back in Stonemaul's step.))
Colarmel removes his pack and sets it gently against the wall.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Yea, he'd have to be right on top of them but he can use it if so)
Teetonka stows his pack
Teetonka: (( it's Area, which is nice. You calculate distance penalty to the nearest edge. ))
Teetonka: (( it's slow to cast though, watch out. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:*Stonemaul takes a knee and pokes at his god seeing if he'd be willing to lend a hand.
Gharza Brokentooth also removes her backpack, setting it beside Vondur's; she peers at her staff, then at Stonemaul, shrugs. "I should feel more tired after that, but not gonna argue." She pokes Vondur. "Here, a little pick-me-up." Shield: spending 1 ER for 1 DB: result: «succeeded by 5 »
Stonemaul Ironbeard:Praying for divine intervention Sould be theology+PI - 10
Gharza Brokentooth does the same for Fiona result: «succeeded by 8 », Stonemaul result: «succeeded by 4 », and Bowgre result: «failed by 1 »
Vondur Stouthammer:Thanks Gharza! ... for whatever you just did.
Kyle:I don't know if that's in DFRPG
Fiona Firedrake:"Leave some for me . . . well . . . if they live long enough to get close"
Bowgre Stretazuma:God no like Bowgre
Fiona Firedrake:((Yes it is, I thought it was cool and told Star about it since he was playing a cleric))
Vondur Stouthammer has the distinct feeling that he should do something result: «succeeded by 2 ».
Bowgre Stretazuma:(You know, I do have IQ 10; but it's too much fun to play to type)
Gharza Brokentooth peers at Bowgre, shakes her staff, tries that again. result: «succeeded by 3 »
Gharza Brokentooth:((Fiona, Bowgre, Stonemaul, and Vondur all have +1 DB; this doesn't allow blocks without a shield, but does add to dodge and parry as well as block.))
Gharza Brokentooth:((Quick, ask me how many spells I have that work on skeletons.))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(So plan- pray for miracle; then charge+turn zombie)
Gharza Brokentooth casts a couple more spells to keep herself safe. Shield, spending 5 FP for 3 DB result: «failed by 2 »
Teetonka puts down his crossbow with his backpack and pulls out his axe. Poisoned bolts not so good on them...
Kyle:it's theology + PI -10...
Kyle:it is a cool thing though.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:yea, so its not likely to succeed- but it does not seem to have penalty to try.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:and 'strike down this crowd of undead' seems pretty 'smite these guys for me will ya bro'?
Gharza Brokentooth: (( Fortunately, failure only costs 1 energy. ))
Stonemaul Ironbeard:so double time praying, base pray for miracle = 5, +1 for extra time = 6.
Gharza Brokentooth mutters and tries that again. result: «failed by 3 »
Gharza Brokentooth gives up. She'll just hang back.
* Starslayer rolls: 3d6 => 5
Stonemaul Ironbeard:AHAHAH!
Kyle:I'm trying to figure out what should happen here
Teetonka:Effectively give him True Faith for the encounter?
Bowgre Stretazuma:Bowgre's got this . . . he walks up to kick in the door.
Kyle:I'm not convinced we clock in at "really need help" here, but at the same time that was awesome
Teetonka:Zap them all with Turn Zombie for free?
Kyle:true faith for now.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:yea, that part is up to you I think, but he prayed for a miracle and got it, so that's pretty slick.
Kyle:I think that's better even.
Kyle:zap em all with 1d6 damage
Teetonka:And a 1/6 chance of running away as if turned!
Kyle:I'ma roll once and apply damage to all, that cool with all of you?
Vondur Stouthammer happily joins the Bowgre, wondering, not for the first time, if that's his real name.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(So roll 1d6?)
Kyle:or you can
Stonemaul Ironbeard:yea.
Kyle:your call.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:No, you roll, 4 is good.
Kyle:done with damage
Name: Skeleton, Axe and Shield Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Shortsword and Shield Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Small Mace Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Spear Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Bow Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Axe and Shield 1 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Shortsword and Shield 1 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Small Mace 1 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Axe and Shield 2 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Shortsword and Shield 2 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Small Mace 2 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Axe and Shield 3 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Shortsword and Shield 3 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Small Mace 3 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Spear 2 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Spear 3 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Spear 4 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Bow 1 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Bow 2 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Bow 3 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Name: Skeleton, Bow 4 Init Added to initiative list: 1
Gharza Brokentooth:That's a lot of damage.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(I would not mind you rolling individuals for the 'will flee' since that one will satistically work better for individuals vs the whole group)
Stonemaul Ironbeard:"W-wait? You LISTENED?" *turns to the others looking a bit shocked "My god has smited the undead- they should be weakened and potentially be running."
Vondur Stouthammer: (( me and bowgre are breaching. ))
Bowgre Stretazuma:That just means that I get tired!
Bowgre Stretazuma:Gah!
Kyle:I did the rolls for each one, that's what that insane string of numbers is
Bowgre Stretazuma:Fine. I got this.
Bowgre Stretazuma:Bowgre strides forward like the brash Overconfident guy he is
Kyle:the "clothing aflame" status is acting as turn
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(I guess applicably roll tactics for our 'group leader' now and start combat- or push that off for next week being that by your schedule we have 45 minutes left?)
Kyle:I'm cool running till we hit end time and picking up mid fight
Kyle:the framework supports saving place in initiative.
Teetonka:I'm going to have to bail though.
Kyle:I'm also cool calling it if you want to pick up here.
Bowgre Stretazuma:The meeting I thought was tonight at 10 is actually NEXT Tuesday at 10
Kyle:Either way it shouldn't clash much with our run since I'd want to call it in 45 either way.
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(Likewise- this is where I wanted to pull out)
Teetonka:I don't mind someone botting Teeto.
Gharza Brokentooth:((If Emily has to bail and other people want to bail, let's start the fight next week.))
Kyle:those who need to go, go, remaining people vote to stay or go now
Stonemaul Ironbeard:(I vote give it a halt here)
Bruno is disconnected.
Bowgre Stretazuma:I'm OK with stopping
Fiona Firedrake:((I havent rolled a single die yet . . . . but I doubht Id get to roll any dice in 40 minutes either. But I might get CLOSER to rolling dice!))
Vondur Stouthammer: (( fine by me. ))
Vondur Stouthammer: (( peace. ))
Colarmel is disconnected.
Kevin is disconnected.
Bowgre is disconnected.
Starslayer is disconnected.

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