Thursday, October 26, 2017

Refining the concept

"So, Zarlazz, what have you got the bugbear compression rate down to?"

"I can't seem to get it below 1.2 cubic feet."

"HA, I've got mine down to 1 cubic foot per bugbear. The trick is to take out all the blood first, store it separately."

"But where do you keep it?"

"Vampire feeding bay. Mix it in with 1/3 human blood and the coffindwellers don't know the difference."
 Refining the concept:

We're still a little ways away from go time on the encounter generator (it was putting very silly numbers of bugbear in rooms they don't fit in for a while there), but I've gotten to chat with my players a bit and we're going to run this with a nod to the old West Marches style of campaign.  This means we'll do the following:

  • Play whenever at least 2 and at most 5 players get together and schedule for a predetermined amount of time.  When we get to the end of the night, players will have to make the call on if they want to call it there and return to town with whatever they've accomplished or if they want to continue the session another (scheduled) time.
  • Allow players to have a stable of characters who earn points and cash independently of their players.  A player who decided to leave a character in the dungeon with a group can't bring him to another dungeon until the previous one is complete.
  • If we ever get the generator capable of doing themes, I'll allow players to announce the type of dungeon they'd like to go to.  So you may see more specialized adventuring parties, like a crew of Half-Orcs who love to delve in swamps (due to poison resistance).
  • Players should be able to bring whatever rules compliant character they want.  For now, we won't be working with "custom professions" as seen on DFRPG: Adventurers 14. I may be persuaded to change that some time in the future.
What do you think? Do you anticipate any real problems with this setup? Is this something you would want to play in?


  1. What's the protocol when a group decides to camp in a dungeon, and then one of the players never shows up again?

  2. In my campaigns, I have no issues with a modest detachment of NPCs accompanying the PCs. If a player departs, then in the short term, the associated PC joins the NPC complement and becomes mine to control – in line with disads and past behavior, of course. Standing deals remain in force, so if the players don't want a plankowner acting on the GM's whims but taking a full share, they can always leave that NPC in town at the next opportunity. If they do, they lose that person's gear and expertise . . . they don't get to keep that hero's possessions and they can't expect that individual to be available for hire when they return later on.

  3. If half or more of the players in a run want to recall, the whole run ends right there. I'm cool with Sean's approach as well if we know the player can't/won't come back.

  4. Or if the player is cool with me or (preferably!) another party member running their character.

  5. Reminds me of the old joke,
    "You open the door and see a 10'x10' room, with a large chest in the middle of the room."
    "I enter the room and examine the chest."
    "OK, the ancient dragon guarding the chest attacks..."
    "An ancient dragon? In a 10'x10'room?"
    "I didn't say how high the ceiling was."